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Farm Show 2017

Dad and Mom took me to the farm show to celebrate my birthday this year!


This was the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show. It's held annually in January in Harrisburg, PA. This was Mom's second time attending and Dad's and my first time. There were a lot of people visiting and all kinds of things to see - farm animals, crafts, food, horticulture, wine, etc. We began by catching lunch - pulled pork sandwiches and milkshakes :P yummy!


Every year, they carve a giant sculpture out of butter. This year's butter sculpture was a landscape showing a typical farm in rural PA. It was on display in the main hall. The complex is spread across numerous halls. We started in the food hall and worked our way south.


The first animals that we saw at the show were baby peeps hatching under a light. They were so tiny and cute! They also had ducklings who climbed a little slide and then slid down into the water. Whee! In the first main animal area, we saw a lot of cows. Here were two long-horned cows, one of which had a calf.

farmshowcow_small.jpg farmshowbighorns_small.jpeg

The next area is where they displayed the rabbits. There were probably close to a hundred rabbits of all shapes and sizes and colors. We had a chance to see them and to pet a few of them. My favorites were the the mini lop-earned, mini rex, and satin rabbits. They were so soft, ooh. Mom liked the lionheads, which were super-fuzzy :3 They even had a few baby bunnies who had been born just a few weeks ago.

farmshowbunny_small.jpg fatmshowrabbit2_small.jpg

The southernmost hall held the poultry. The roosters were all cock-a-doodle-doo-ing back and forth while we walked through. Some of the roosters were very handsome, like this black and brown one. Then there were some who looked like giant fuzz-balls. We thought they were rabbits, but they were chickens?! They also had peacocks at the show and I bought a small feather for $.50 for my hat. Been wearing it ever since.


farmshowchicken_small.jpg farmshowrooster_small.jpg

They also had horses and goats at the show. This display of goats included some little guys. One was quite curious and kept climbing on the bucket with his unsteady legs. XD


Of all the animals that we saw, these guys were my favorite. They're alpacas - Basil, Mike, and I forget the last one's name. Their expressions are adorable - they look like mini camels and are very fuzzy to touch. One sat down while we were talking to the farmer and he had the sweetest, chill posture. "I'm an alpaca, just hangin' out." For Christmas next year, I want to put some kind of alpaca item on my wish list^^


We also got to see flower and succulent plant arrangements, chocolate cake bake-off entries, all sorts of honey products, quilts, grains, tractors, the champion swine competition, and various displays about local barns, agriculture, etc. We finished the day by sharing a funnel cake at the food court before heading back out into the cold to travel home. Here was a view of the Susquehanna River on the drive back.


I had a great time at the farm show :) Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, for the great birthday present!
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