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In need!!

*Megan stands forth and delivers her plea*

One day I must do a Suki Dakara Suki cosplay of Asahi Hinata and an X cosplay of Sakurazuka Setsuka...but to do both I need a guy to cosplay with me!! - as Asou-san and Seishirou-kun!

I really wanna make the little blue school unfirom and tie a teddy bear on my back and genki-ly skip down the halls of a convention center in utter kawaii-ness XDXD (I know I have ranted on the kawaiiness of Suki and how much I love it..^^) But I can't do her cosplay without an Asou-sensei cause otherwise I'd just look silly :p

And Setsuka is so pretty in her long white kimono and big dark eyes XD She's so pretty and Japanese!!!

Those are my dreams
*sighs and hopes*
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