Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Lego Avengers - Asgard Library Floor

I really like the design of the Asgard library in the Lego Marvel Avengers video game. It's a small building located at the edge of the city near the waterfall. Inside, there are two guards keeping watch over the hall of science. Past that, there's a reading room lit by warmly glowing torches and filled with old-looking books. It looks like the perfect place to retreat to read for hours. There's also a really neat design on the floor of the science room:


I've been checking the movies to see if we ever see that pattern, but so far I haven't located it. It looks like a beautiful star-flower and reminds me of the markings that the bifrost leaves when it transports people from realm to realm. I've tried to make a digital drawing of the pattern as a model for some scrapbook art. This doesn't match the screenshot exactly, but it's a start.

Tags: art, games, movies

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