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Days in Asgard

jane-thor-dark-world-robes.jpgJane's robes in TDW inspire many daydreams.

I want to sit by the waterfalls in Asgard, listen to the sound of the water falling. And perhaps catch the sound of Huginn or Muninn cawing. I'd catch one on my arm and see what message he might have from the distant realms. Or maybe I could have my own corvid messengers - a pair of magpies. She'd flick her iridescent blue-green tail in the funniest way while he dove in for a landing. A dash of labradorite in the soft blue skies.

Maybe the snow would fall. What if I could take the staff Gungnir in hand? Hear the resonant ring it makes when I let it tap against the floor. And try not to fire any energy blasts that would break pillars. (I think Thor broke them all anyway when he flew the Elf ship :P)

I'd sneak off when no one was looking and take a stroll on the rainbow bridge. Sit with my back against one of the archways and take a deep breath. Watch the roaring waters below and the shimmering colors that filter in and out through the filamented floor. The golden compasses would spin as the gatekeeper opens the bridge for travel. And the galaxies would glow in the dark skies above.
Tags: animals, artifacts, daydreams, gungnir, movies, scene

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