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Akitsugu II

Akitsugu sat up with a start.
He realized how much his head ached.
How much his whole body ached.

He laid back down on the wrinkled blankets and sighed. He could hear birds chirping outside and filtered sunlight warmed his face but burned his tired eyes. Ima wa..nanji? [What time is it..?]

He could not remember the last time he'd been awake. It seemed like he had been lost in shadowy dreams for ages. He knew what had happened but he could not quite remember anything clearly. Someone had bound up his hand in a bandage, though. Who was that? And his cousin - had his cousin been here?

Though a chill crept over the room, his grey yukata was warm against his skin. Chill? Was it cold outside today? Why, he had felt so fevered before...

Though the pain hadn't subsided, Akitsugu knew he must get up. He sat up in his sheets and slowly rose to a stand - even so, his head felt dizzy and light. And he cursed the people who had done this.

It was midday and the draft was coming from the partially open shoji. Akitsugu limped stifly over to the screens, but the light was still to harsh for his weary eyes to suffer, so he closed them and sank to his knees with a groan. How miserable this feeling was. Not only did the pain blur his eyes, but he was missing his glasses.

Where were those glasses...

He ran a hand through his downy light hair, rubbed his golden eyes, and caught his breath. At least I am alive. In pain, but alive. Alone, but with myself. They left me that much.

And they will not live long enough to regret that.

Teehee dont worry Akitsugu is not as mean as he sounds - he is just ready to encounter the people who have been threatening his family for over 20 years...he's not too happy with them. Ah well, Akitsugu is ok^^ He'll recover and help protect his cousin and siblings as well from the people who have been threatening them all this time. It all works out in the end somehow O.o I think - lol ^_^
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