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Like some weird kind of jumping

This past month has been a stressful one for many reasons. :(

In my free time, I've searched for artwork, started reading the book of Numbers, trained pokemon, hugged plushies, prayed, and talked with others. I also kept a list of the things that I was interested in day-by-day. The list really jumps around. It makes me wonder if that's normal for me or if it's just because it's been such a chaotic time. Today, it was Siamese cats. :3 *meow*

2/19 - morelull (a mushroom pokemon)
2/20 - shiinotic (a big mushroom pokemon)
2/21 - delcatty (cat pokemon)
(gap where I had the flu and slept for about a week; my grandma passed away)
3/5 - litwick (candle pokemon)
3/7 - chandelure (chandelier pokemon)
3/8 - chillarmy, lunatone, spinning moves; bronzor, delcatty, slurpuff, elgyem
3/9 - beheeyem (alien pokemon)
3/13 - explorer costumes
3/16 - flareon (fire eevee)
3/18 - furfrou (poodle pokemon)
3/21 - old english sheepdogs and calico cats
3/22 - siamese and himalayan cats

Tags: animals, interests, intuition, music, pokemon, stuffed animals

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