Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Colorpoint Cats

I really like the color of Siamese cats, so today I did some research on colorpoint cats. Colorpoint refers to an animal with darker coloring on their face, ears, feet, and tail.

I learned that the Siamese cat has led to a number of different cat breeds, some of which have the same type of coloring. This list isn't complete, but it notes some of the cats that I found interesting. I think the Snowshoe was my favorite - they were first bred in Philadelphia :D

Siamese Cat - originally from Thailand - Descriptors Video (smart, vocal, active)

-Siamese + Siamese = Balinese Descriptors Video (bred for longer fur)
-Siamese + American Shorthair = Colorpoint Shorthair Video (special colors, affectionate, playful)
-Siamese + American Shorthair = Snowshoe Descriptors Video (white feet, nice personality)
-Siamese + Persian = Himalayan Descriptors Video (thick fur, gentle, lap cat)
-Siamese + Burmese = Tonkinese Descriptors Video (similar to Siamese, but smaller)

Birman - originally from Burma - Descriptors Video (beautiful, peaceful)
Tags: animals

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