Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

A kind of blindness


"Shall I tell you what human companionship means to me?" -Stark Trek: Is There in Truth No Beauty

This afternoon I was reflecting on the character of Miranda Jones. She comes aboard the Enterprise in the company of an alien ambassador who is said to be very important but also unapproachable. Miranda is a pretty and respectable lady who wears a sparkly teal-blue dress. Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy remark on what a pity it is that she has to endure such a seemingly unlovely mission. Miranda seems quite content, though. Throughout the episode, various humans try to woo her, expressing their undying love for her or surrounding her with gardens and romantic gestures. The whole time, she seems totally uninterested.

It's not that she's not emotional. In fact, she's overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of others. She is telepathically sensitive and is easily washed away by the thoughts of others. While her experiences could have caused her to isolate herself from the world, she has sought training to enable her to navigate human interactions and take on this intergalactic mission. And despite all of her experiences, she does still seek a relationship - it's just not the kind that most people understand. She has her sights set on achieving a mind-link with the alien ambassador - an intimate intellectual and emotional connection.

Still, Kirk insists, "someday, you will want human love and companionship... You're young, attractive and human. Sooner or later, no matter how beautiful their minds are, you're going to yearn for someone who looks like yourself, someone who isn't ugly." How would you know, Captain? Is everyone the same? Does everyone experience the same experiences and feelings? Perhaps there are some of us who don't.
Tags: aromantic, emotions, empathetic, miranda jones, single

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