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Orichalcum in the Bible

I was translating a verse from Ezekiel into Shivaisith and stumbled onto something interesting. The following two words, one Hebrew and one Greek, seem to be referring to the same metal and may be related to the alloy that in Latin is called orichalcum.

Orichalcum is in the Bible?! :D I remember it from the video game about Atlantis. "and it glitters like fire!" Curiously, there are only 5 places in the entire Bible where these words appear and these all refer to the appearance of the glory of God.

Strong's Hebrew 2830 - chashmal - Ezekiel 1:4, 1:27, 8:2

Strong's Greek 5474 - chalkolibanon - Revelation 1:15, 2:18
Tags: bible study, ezekiel, games, greek, hebrew, history, language, stones

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