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Akitsugu III

Akitsugu stepped into the chamber, single-toothed geta clogs clicking on the floor.
And everyone hushed.
"Hisashiburiyone!" [It's been a while!] Akitsugu said with a slight grin.
Everyone was in shock. He had returned after all! He should not have come back here...for his sake as well as our own! And they looked at him with awe, fear, and pity.
He was dressed in a white kimono with a grey and white shibori haori jacket. It depicted a snowy swirled imagery and the Takeshi faminy crests were embriodered in gold. His left wrist was still bound in a bandage, not yet healed. And a firey determination glowed in his eyes behind the glasses. A perfect balance seemed to be held and he knew it. He was going to play this to the end.

"I come with the newfound blessings of Amaterasu and her kin as I stand before the holies of the court now," he said bowing.
And such balance he had even on such geta sandles as his!

The young head of the court acknowledged his introduction, but was rather sad to see him here...such games we all must play...

Akitsugu met his eyes and nodded with understanding. But nothing could hold him back.

He drew his katana and the onlookers gasped as one.

"I come to make a challenge to those who threaten the court and their families. I come to find their answer to my plea of 'why'? The murder of my parents and the manipulation of my friends - why?"

"You really think we would be lured out by this showing of ignorance?"

Akitsugu waited.

And soon would follow the end of that fall day. it would end in cloudy skys the rain would fall to purify to the fallen.
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