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Yoshida Shoin ^_^

I wish I understood Japanese because I want to read a book about Shoin-sensei but I cannot *cries* I think I will make it my new mission in life to help see that a translation of his works gets published into English! What a challenge! I wanna start now! *itai*
I don't know why but I admire him^^...

Look! The first page from his writing called Guron XD I have a list of places I need to visit, one being the museum where this book and other writings of his are being held. I wish I could go now! I wish I could tell my to-be-host family that I wanna go!! I just hope they don't kick me out because I am a foreigner O.o Shoin-sensei was one of the "sonno joi!" after all!

Ok, I don't know what I am getting so obsessed over^^ I am gonna stop before I start scaring people :D But here's the list of places I will one day visit, since I can't exactly go see Shoin-sensei himself..^^

-Kyoto, Japan: Kyoto University Library, Shoin exhibit
-Tokyo, Japan: Shoin Jinja
-Hagi, Japan: the shrine, museum, and the Shoka Sonjuku recreation!

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