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Jeremiah chapter 3

Read chapter 3 of Jeremiah this afternoon. There's an amazing future prophecy for the reunion of Israel and Judah in verses 14-18.

These chapters are fairly long, so while reading through the book, I've been highlighting the text. The colors help me to distinguish the different types of messages. Blue shows God's promises and actions, pink shows His commands, orange shows Israel and Judah's actions and the results, purple shows quotations from earlier in history, green shows historical summaries and genealogies, and finally yellow shows covenants that God made with Israel, blessings, or worship.

The colors aren't always perfect, but it's interesting to flip through the books where I've done this and see the pages. Early Genesis is solid blue, and is followed by patches of yellow, green, and blue. Exodus is a mixture of blue and pink, Leviticus is a mixture of pink and orange with some purple, Numbers starts with a lot of green, etc.

Here's a link to the full page of Jeremiah 3:2-24. The colors are a bit chaotic - it shows that a lot is going on here. God and Israel had made a covenant at Mt. Sinai (Exodus 20-24), but Israel has not done as she had promised. God is reaching out to call them to return and gives them the hope of restoration, reunion, and salvation.

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