Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,


We have a pair of bluebirds building a nest in one of our bird houses :) We put a bird house up last spring, but no bluebirds. We added another one later, but still no bluebirds :'( We've been keeping the houses clean and clear of sparrow nests. The first set of baby bluebirds is already past, so now it's time for them to be preparing for the second set of babies. And this time, a bluebird couple is settling down in our house^^

Here he is, standing guard (left). He's chased away a number of squirrels already. (Oh, those squirrels! :P) She is (right) bringing dry grass to the house. She's been working at that since Friday evening.

IMG_8057.jpg IMG_8086.jpg

Tail picture :D

I hope we get a healthy family of baby bluebirds :)
Tags: birds, creation, pictures
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