Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Saturday morning Toonami from AD 2000

This morning we watched the 18th episode of Gundam Wing. Mom found some old Toonami videos on VHS and they make me so happy :D Heeo's speech about the space colonies was in the 18th episode, also a great confrontation between Treize Khushrenada and the Romefeller Foundation. Makes me want to find the episode about Epyon...oh wow. I also dug out my high school schedule. It had a few clear file pages that I filled with pictures from the show like this.

Really, how can you not love this series? Even the Toonami promo in between episodes was good! This 2 minute short:

"Talented people are capable of understanding us."

"To outer space, every one of us!"

"I will survive!!"
Tags: anime, music

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