Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

The fear of interacting with others

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Crona: 接し方が分からないから。。。僕はこの線の中に居れば安心なんだ。
seisshikata ga wakaranai kara...boku wa kono sen no naka ni 'ireba anshin nanda.
"I don't know how to interact with others, so I feel at ease when I'm in here."

These are some quotes that I wanted to transcribe in Japanese along with the subtitles from FUNimation. These are from Soul Eater, specifically episode 21 - May My Soul Reach You, toward the end of the episode.

Maka: 今なら分かるよ。君の波長。
ima nara wakaru yo. kimi no hachyou.
"Now I can understand it. Your wavelength."

Maka: 君は接し方が分からないんじゃない。誰も君に接してこなかっただけ。
kimi wa seisshikata ga wakaranainjanai. dare mo kimi ni sesshite-konakatta dake.
"It's not that you don't know how to interact with people. It's just that no one ever came to interact with you."

Maka: だったらさ。友達になってください。お願いします。
dattara sa. tomodachi ni natte kudasai. onegaishimasu.
"So... Will you be my friend? Please?"

friend2 2.png

Crona: そんな。。。
"You can't be serious..."

Crona: どう接していいかわかんないよ!
dou sesshite ii ka wakkannai yo.
"I don't know how to interact with others!"


Soul: 人と接する恐怖か?
hito to sessusuru kyoufu ka?
"The fear of interacting with people, huh..."

Soul: 俺も怖いよ。
ore mo kowai yo.
"Even I'm afraid of that..."

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by Nishino Kana

"...what grown-ups seek is a perfect style,
where everything comes together someday,
as though it were a bunch of gears.

...these days pass by,
with moments like these that will never,
ever repeat themselves.

Which is why there are so many boys & girls
who want to be children
just a little while longer..."
Tags: anime, aspergers, japanese, language, neptune, pluto, saturn, social, soul eater, venus

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