Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Interacting with others

This dialog and images are from a cute scene of Crona and her classmates at a picnic. Everyone is being friendly and Crona is kind of shy, heh. I think Crona is happy to have caring friends and a bit overwhelmed at the same time ^_^

picnic1 2.png
Maka: ね、クロナ。今度共鳴連鎖の練習に探してよ。 クロナが一緒ならすごいパワーが出ると思うんだ!
"Hey, Crona. You should be part of our next Resonance Link practice! With you, I bet we'll have incredible power!"

picnic2 2.png
Crona: う...うん。

picnic3 2.png
Star: 心配いらねえよ。 この俺様がびしばし鍛えてやる!
"Don't worry! I'll whip you into shape!"

Crona: うん。

picnic4 2.png
Tsubaki: はいクロナ。たくさん食べてね。
"Here, Crona! Eat lots!"

picnic5 2.png
Crona: うん。
Tags: social, soul eater

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