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fun and not so on this March day at Gram Shriner's

You know how on Iron Chef they sometimes have live ingredients (like fish, lobster) and they kill it and cook it in an hour?

Well, I learned that in some Japanese restaurants you can pick out fish from a tank and get your sushi made from it! Now thats what I call fresh! Call me scary, but I think that's so exciting ^___^ I wanna go!^^

Not so fun:
My grandmother, mom, aunt, and myself had to go through my greatgrandmother's jewlery and things tonight after the funeral and they told me to take things that I could remember Great-Grandma Funt by. The problem being, since my family has not associated with relatives on either side (the McCarty's of Gettysburg gang), I don't really have all that many memories of GG Funt...
But I foudn two necklaces that are special. One is a four leaf clover with green stones. it is in memory of how her and me could always find 4-leaf clovers (or so I am told that she could).
It's just hard cause my family is so...ugg.. disfunctional? And it hurts me to see everyone so hurt: my Grandma is sad, my mom feels sad cause she is sad..I feel sad cause they are both sad - blah!

So that was my day.
Another crazy one in my life.

Ran to class this morning, returned to my room after class to sleep for an hour but ended up making a new layout, ran to work and got there 5 mins late, crammed for a quiz about the koran that I botched, and ran out to Gram's and now I am back here!

So, I am rather *glad* to be back in my little room with my manga flanking my desk and my plushies happily sitting on my bed ^___^

now, to finish off my homework and to go to bed cause I am exhausted. Is it only Monday?... O.o

and I still have my cough.....but at least I have pretty sakura on my layout :D ^___^ ahh sakura....*drifts to sleep early*....
Tags: death, family

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