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Off in a hurry!! ----*zips away*

I am about finished with my notebooks for this Semester, and am pretty pleased. A LOTR Collaged theme for this set of notes. I have Galadril's Mirror, Elves, Frodo on Adventure, Frodo in Battle, and Frodo with the Ring and a handful of 'shrooms!!^_^

I am off to see the Gangs of New York with my best friend Nichole. I am still gonna beg her to see Two Towers - even though I have seen it already twice in the theatre!! I can't get enough! Also, on page circa 100 of the Silmarillion - yeah! A feat for that syle of reading - my favorite kind: that so-hard-you-can-hardly-understand, like Dune, my ultimate fav book!! Long live Middle Earth!
Tags: art, books, movies
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