Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

For Beauty

The last two Pokemon generations wrestled with questions of beauty and ugliness. The questions really stung in Pokemon Moon in particular. I'm putting my thoughts and some images behind the cut. (Be warned, there are huge spoilers!)

The main antagonist in Pokemon X / Y is Lysandre, a technical genius and art-appreciator. In Pokemon Sun / Moon it's Lusamine, the president of a conservation organization which operates on an island called Aether Paradise. Both Lysandre and Lusamine want a beautiful world. They want to protect and preserve beauty.



They both hate the people who make the world an ugly place. Lysandre says that "fools with no vision will continue to befoul this beautiful world." Lusamine says that besides the beautiful things she loves, "everything else is just a bother to me."

To deal with this conflict, Lysandre looks outward and Lusamine looks inward. Lysandre determines that he will destroy the ugliness of the world - anything and anyone that he doesn't particularly like - so he can build it in the beautiful way that he wants.


Lusamine looks inward. She is determined to preserve the beauty of her own world and protect it from interruptions. She even goes so far as to travel to another dimension so she can be alone with the things she loves. And when others come searching for her, she fights them - even her own daughter.


In the end, Lysandre destroys himself. (I mean literally - he fires the weapon he planned to use on the world, but it backfires and destroys his secret base.) Lusamine has a happier ending - she's rescued by her daughter and the legendary pokemon. Still, it's a sobering picture of how the search for beauty can become dangerous. One became consumed with the work of his own hands to the point where he grew proud and violent. The other became consumed with the things she had collected, also growing proud and not needing anyone else. One tried to force his ideals on the world around him. The other tried to enjoy her ideals in her own world. One looked outward, the other inward; but neither looked God-ward. Neither loved others or searched for God. How would the story be different if they had done that?

While the game doesn't discuss the Bible directly, it emphasizes some important things - the value of life, the beauty of friendship, the importance of perseverance, good stewardship, and hope.

Tags: beauty, characters, games, idolatry, interruptions, love, neptune, pictures, pokemon, sin

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