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An Akkadian Kind of Day

I'm in an Ancient Near Eastern history/archaeology/language mood :) Time to dig out the Huehnergard Akkadian Grammar book! Since I've been conlanging recently (learning constructed languages), the grammatical concepts aren't quite as overwhelming as they were the first time I tried studying Akkadian.

I wasn't sure where to start...but I ended up in the Appendix reference guide for logograms. These are symbols that were borrowed by the Assyrians and Babylonians from the much earlier Sumerians. They're kind of like Japanese kanji, which were borrowed Chinese characters. There's a set of almost 200 logograms included in the book. That seems manageable to learn, if I study a few each week. They kind of feel like anchor points to me - maybe if I can learn them, I can fill in my knowledge around them. Well, even if I don't learn them, it is still a nice way to spend the evening.


I'm also reading about the process of writing cuneiform. I found a very helpful guide online written by David Wright. My cuneiform looks pretty bad, but I hope it'll improve with practice :) I've tried writing cuneiform in the past, too. That time, I was using an adapted braille eraser as my stylus. This time, I tried cutting a stylus from a chopstick. I need to find better sandpaper so I can prepare a better one next time. More things to try and practice and learn!


I also restarted my copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby with an archaeology team :) archaeologypokemonteam.jpg

Yamask - based on Middle Eastern sarcophagi masks
Baltoy - based on ancient Japanese figurines
Elgyem - ok, he's an alien so he's not really historical...
Natu - reminds me of Alaskan bird art
Lunatone - rock-moon that reminds me of magatama
Bronzor - based on ancient bronze mirrors

Ah, to be absorbed in fascinating and beautiful things.
Tags: babylonian, history, language, near east, pictures, pokemon

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