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Yesterday, oh so long ago, I attended a session on Cha-no-yu.

And in the middle of the ceremony, I felt completely peaceful and happy. I understand what the meaning of tea is! The tokonoma was beautiful with a daffodil in a whicker basket and a scroll with a bird returning from winter. The tea was wonderful and the sweets were oishii.

It really reminds me of how much I love traditional arts and want to learn how to do them and how to do them right! Also, it makes me wanna work on my manga... I wanna design tokonoma and draw traditional ceremonies....

I was so exhausted today, though. I still am, actually. I am rather perturbed at my art class and I really and I missed my first japanese language class ever. Can I go back to Cha-no-yu now? Let me sit in the tea house and be happy ^_^ I would much rather be an observer of life than an active creator in it!

Ah - there is so much beauy in even a single daffodil and the scent on the spring breeze when the rains come and go! If only I had the time and energy to enjoy it more this spring! Maybe Saturday, ne^^
Tags: appreciation, art, beauty, ceremony, creation, meaning, observer, reverence, tea, traditions

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