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Diffuser - Week 1


I've been using the essential oil diffuser that my parents got me for my birthday this year :) I like it a lot!

Last weekend, I tried a drop of Marjoram and on another day, I added a drop of Frankincense. I liked them, but they seemed a bit heavy for me. Last night, I tried a new combination that I like a lot: 1 drop Tea Tree oil, 1 drop Atlas Cedar, and 1 drop Cedarwood. It's a mild, refreshing scent that puts me in mind of the space at the edge of a woods. The cedars are sweet while the tea tree oil is crisp. It's a restorative scent, but also calming. That's just what I need after some very stressful days at work. This blend makes a nice, cool environment that's spacious and yet comforting. I hope it'll help keep any fall germs at bay, too. (Tea Tree oil has been researched quite a bit for its antibacterial properties and Cedarwood oil is said to be an antiseptic.)

Let's see, some folks name their blends. I think I'll name this one "Moonlight Clearing."

Tags: aromatherapy

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