Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Essential Oil: Vetiver

The past two nights, I've diffused vetiver oil to try and help me sleep better. I've found that it worked very well - so well that I'm a bit groggy in the morning.

I was first introduced to this oil during the training that we attended last fall. The instructor taught us about aroma notes - high, medium, and low. I shared that I prefer the base notes, but was having trouble finding one that I liked. Frankincense was too sweet and I couldn't tolerate some of the others. She offered a few suggestions and then dug into her supply box and pulled out a small container of vetiver. I loved it! It was a bit harder to find, though, so it wasn't until this year that I found it at the store. For me, it's a soothing scent, but not overpowering. I've read that a few studies have found that vetiver helps ADHD and autistic children calm down, stabilize, and focus. Maybe I should bring some to work :P

I've been diffusing vetiver by itself, but I'll be curious to explore possible blends with other oils. Maybe lavender or rosemary? :)
Tags: aromatherapy

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