Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Thanksgiving 2017

This year's Thanksgiving was a quiet and blessed one. Nathan came in to visit on Wednesday and we celebrated with a Thanksgiving Eve service at church that evening. We reflected on how all of creation sings praise to God; and that for us as humans, we have the choice of whether or not we will praise Him. We sang a few hymns and heard a special song called "The Rocks Cry Out." That sparked our curiosity in other Christian songs that speak of the rocks crying out and we ended up watching segments from a tape that we had recorded back in 1998 with Z Christian Music Videos. So many good memories :D

We had Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday. Mom made a delicious dinner and Dad helped to prepare all around the house. We had turkey, filling, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, fruit, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Everything was delicious ^_^ I got out the turkey name tags that I had made a few years ago to decorate the table settings and Nathan helped to set the table. There's nothing quite like Thanksgiving Day :)

I caught a cold over the weekend, but still had a really fun time. Nathan and I explored Mario Odyssey, made progress in my copy of Lego Avengers, watched some football, played Pokemon Ultra Sun, took a look at the video that Nathan's making about the original Zelda game, and went on a movie and dinner date to see Thor: Ragnarok and eat at Red Robin. We laughed so much at the movie and had a really nice dinner together afterwards. I wish it could have lasted another week - and more!

Thanks be to God for all of His good gifts and blessings.
Tags: family, food, holiday, love, movies, video games

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