Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

New Jerusalem Stones

This morning I was thinking about the stone foundations of our home, the New Jerusalem. The order of the colors hasn't really made sense to me because I thought they must be in a rainbow order; but when I looked them up, they didn't seem to be. But now I'm wondering if the stones are like a repeated bow (or a double bow or a circle rainbow). That's because the violets and blues are on the outside and the reds and oranges are on the inside. Here's what I mean:

1. Jasper (ἴασπις) - various colors
2. Sapphire (σάπφιρος) - indigo
3. Chalcedony (χαλκηδών) - greenish blue, coppery
4. Emerald (σμάραγδος) - green
5. Sardonyx (σαρδόνυξ) - dark with orange, white, or red
6. Carnelian (σάρδιον) - red
7. Chrysolite (χρυσόλιθος) - gold
8. Beryl (βήρυλλος) - uncertain (related to the Hebrew word shoham, possibly "pale" or "striped" - a type of onyx/sardonyx?)
9. Topaz (τοπάζιον) - yellow
10. Chrysoprase (χρυσόπρασος) - green
11. Jacinth (ὑάκινθος) - indigo, as in hyacinth
12. Amethyst (ἀμέθυστος) - purple

Just an idea :)
Tags: revelation, stones
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