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Today was the Cherry Blossom Festival!

The Japan Club went down to Washington DC in three cars. I went along with the gals (Erika driving (you did good driving, btw!^^), and me, Jess, and Sarah rising along^^) and we had a great day!!

So, when we arrived in The Mall at about 10:15, we didn't know where to start..but we followed our ears and found our way to the parade on Constitution Ave. It was ok - just some bands and stuff - then we ran up along the side and found the taiko drummers who commenced to play their drums!! XDXD Waiiii! It was Sugoi!! We cheered like crazed fangirls XD it was awesome! I wanted to glomp the guy in the hakama just cause he looked awesome lol :p
After this, we were in a "catching" contest against the other visitors for ice cream sandwhiches and of the 4 of us we got 2 and split them. Oishikatta!
that was a good start!
After that we went along the whole parade line, and back, and started scouting out the shop stands!!
There were some neat ones with Japanese dolls, hand made paper cards, origami paper, ceramic pottery, chopsticks, kimonos, etc and then we saw a Koi Stand! They had a pond with Koi fish swimming around and I was like: kawaii! and so I took one of their pamphlets on Koi :p Then! I saw further down the stand that they had Koi plushies!! I stopped and asked to buy one for $12 and then faced the decision of which kind? The colorful one or the Showa one...or the Tancho one! the guy brought over from the bin! So then I had 4 to pick from, but I took the Tancho one he'd brought and carried him around all the way home^^
Everyone say hello to Tancho-san!

After the Koi shopping we headed back for the Sakler gallery but were diverted by the Sakura which grew aways off by the water. We went to see how many there were and found a multitude!!! So many sakura!! So beautiful!! The cold grey sky and the wind made them seem radient as they dripped petals to the muddy ground! XD Sugoi!!! Needless to say - we took a lot of photos^^

After that we were pretty tired - we got some food and checked out the museum and headed back home. I fell asleep on the drive back^^

It was such a wonderful day! Ureshii! *^_^*
I love Japanese Culture and I love Sakura!

...and I love Tancho-san the Koi!^^
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