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Birthday Celebrations in 2018

This year we celebrated my birthday early by traveling to Hershey, PA. We visited the Zoo and Chocolate World. Come and see some of God's wonders with us :D


We stopped at Chocolate World to eat lunch. A Twizzler was leading a calisthenics class :P Hershey is decorated for Valentine's Day and we got to try a sample of a new Hershey Mocha flavored Kiss. It was pretty yummy :D

After lunch, we went to the zoo. Here's a quick view of the map. You can see it online, too at the ZooAmerica site.

Our first stop was the Southern Swamps. The roseate spoonbills were rather friendly, looking down at us and showing us their feathers.

We also a pair of alligators, tiny crabs, a gar fish, and an ancient looking snapping turtle.

The next area was the Great Southwest. The neatest animal, I thought, was the roadrunner. He ran really fast from one end of the desert area to the other!

Most of the time we were there, it was playing with a stick, banging it on a dry log. Was he trying to find ants?

Later, it snuggled up on a rock for a nap close to the edge of the display where we were standing.

burrowingowl.jpg burrowingowl3.jpg
There were also a few burrowing owls in the exhibit. This one was looking up at a cactus...and then he flew up to perch on top.

There were also a group of quail in the exhibit, running about. One of them was running laps around some of the rocks even though I was trying to take his photo :P This one was contentedly perched on a branch in the back. This is actually a photo from last summer, which turned out better than my pics this year.

The turtles were still munching on lunch when we were there. Carrots, yum!

This turtle looks like how I feel on a bad day: *ugh!*

This is a dark photo, but the animal was amazing! It's an ocelot - a medium-sized wild cat that lives in the southwest. His fur coat colors were gorgeous. He refused to turn and look at us, though. Typical cat behavior? :P

You probably can't see the animals in this photo, but I include them because I didn't want to forget them. I've zoomed in - there are two fuzzy critters curled up and sleeping. You can see the soft, round ears of the one on top in the middle of the photo and it's tail is the dark splotch on the left. The other's head is next to the first one's tail and his body wraps around to the right. These are coati - a member of the raccoon family. We couldn't see their faces, but their bodies, ears, and tails looked so soft and snuggly! I just wanted to snuggle them XD

This is a photo from two years ago. I was really hoping to see the martens this year again, but they were sleeping in the marten box, apparently :(

Recently, I found out that the Croatian word "kuna" means "a marten." A kuna is the Croatian monetary unit. I knew that their money was named after an animal, but I didn't know it was the marten! This is a stuffed kuna that I got in 2001 in Plitvica, Croatia.

We did get to see the Bobcats this year. They were just waking up from a nap. One was licking the other to clean it's fur - aww :)

We also got the see the River Otters! They are part of the Eastern Woodlands area. The otters were swimming and playing and having a great afternoon!

Otter 1: *Sneaks on the ice* :)

Otter 2: *Chases* :3



Around the corner was the screech owl. These must sleep during the daytime, because he's always asleep when we visit. But he's tiny and adorable. He did open one eye to look at us...Shh, I'm trying to sleep.

Last summer, Dad became friends with the bears :3 Let's see...I'd say that Dad is about the height of the black bear :)

Group selfie :D Thanks so much for the great day, Dad and Mom :)

We didn't see the Prairie Dogs this winter, but they were very active last summer. They're part of the Big Sky Country area. The squirrels were chomping on their lunch yesterday - hey, Fuzz, that's not yours!


This is a picture from last summer - I think of the great horned owl. His colors were beautiful.

We did see the elk yesterday. It's a very large animal, but was sitting quietly in the snow.

We also saw a mountain lion :O It was *huge* with a long tail. It was sound asleep zzzz

Last summer, I checked to see how I measure up...Looks like the Mountain Lion can jump higher than me!

Hello, Turkey Vulture :) I know you're not the most beautiful, but we appreciate you! They're high-soaring birds that keep the earth around us clean. They're also quiet and keep to themselves, nesting in undisturbed locations. This vulture was also quiet and shy.

This is a pronghorn. It's a beautiful and graceful animal. They actually walked up to us when we went down to feed the ducks.

This was a photo of a pronghorn from last year. Their eyes are so dark and beautiful.

Last summer, we also saw the turkeys on the move. The male turkey was displaying his tail feathers and the females and young were foraging in the grass.

There was still snow on the ground yesterday and the snowy owl blended right in. This one seemed to be guarding the other, which was eating lunch behind the snowbank.

The wolves were out yesterday in the Northlands area. They were resting on the ground at the far end of the enclosure. They're so beautiful.

The bald eagles were there and alert as always. Their golden eyes are piercing!

This is a photo of a tree that I saw last summer and liked a lot for some reason.

Last, but not least, this is a quick picture of the sunset out the window of the car. It turned into a deep, deep pink-red as time went on. By then, I was inside waiting to eat a delicious seafood dinner :)

Thanks to my parents for the wonderful day and praise be the God for His wonderful creatures.
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