Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Birthday 2018

I had a really fun birthday this year :)

On Saturday, we visited Matt and Shelby. We all went out to lunch and I had a delicious green curry. Whew, it was so spicy, but good :P After lunch, I got to open gifts and I got lots of fun things! We also caught up on news and stories - it was a nice day :)

Matt and Shelby got me a "Visit Hoth" shirt - my favorite Star Wars planet :) When I was in middle school, I loved the taun-tauns so much that I invented a campaign - "Save the Taun-Tauns!" Of course, it didn't do anything, but I thought it was catchy. Matt and Shelby also got me a CD by Imogen Heap, one of my favorite artists, and the Audubon guide to Rocks and Minerals. So cool!

Voli is a little blue octopus that I got my brother for Christmas. He has a smilie face on one side and if you turn him inside out he has a cute frowny face :P He sat on my head!

Mom and Dad also got me presents :D I got a glow-in-the-dark moon calendar, an advanced aromatherapy book, and a Christian coloring book. I'm looking forward to learning more about the compounds in essential oils and precautions for how to use them safely. I'll also be able to follow the moon phases and learn more about the rocks that make up our planet :3 I'll have to study all of these things while wearing my new nerdy Hoth shirt, hehe!

They also got me a really neat pelican carved from a South American nut. It's so adorable :D Thanks for all the lovely gifts, Dad and Mom!

Mom made Funfetti cupcakes for the church snack on Sunday, my actual birthday. They got colorful balloons, too! I like how colorful my birthday was this year :) At church, Dad preached a sermon from the first chapter of 1 Corinthians. We learned about God's amazing love and Christ's humility and power. After church, we went out to lunch at the Watson Inn. I had a delicious seafood dinner, yumm.

That afternoon, I got to open a special package that I received from Nathan :D

Each present was wrapped in pretty paper with a separate note. Nathan had designed a card with art and writing to match each gift. They are so beautiful and creative!

Nathan got me a copy of The Art of Language Invention and decorated that card with Shivaisith and a Dark Elf ship. He also got me the book called The Highly Sensitive Person and drew a cute wolf pup - it's Snowy! The book looks very interesting, too. Then, I got a sweet Mantis figurine with a drawing of Mantis, Groot and their ship the Milano. The last present was the biggest one - it was a new Marvel Lego set from Captain America: Civil War with characters who will be in the movie this February :D The card that went with it is a beautiful hummingbird note. Thank you so much for everything, Nathan :)

His family also included a gift of a cardigan and cute balloon card. It was so kind of them!

All the presents together :D I also got a lot of cards and a lady from church baked my favorite cake - Shoofly cake! It's so good, yumm. I also got a few other sweet gifts and kind greetings. Everyone has been so kind.

Mantis wants a Funfetti cupcake ^.^

At work on Monday, my boss baked me a chocolate cake and some coworkers wished me a happy birthday. It was really nice :) Today, it's snowing out, so I hope I won't get too white on my way to lunch, hehe.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts and treats. My birthday felt very special this year :)
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