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News - Asian Art, Sugao no Yoshida Shoin, more

I have a lot I could talk about just on today!

Let's see: I had my classes, Japan Club, reading for Hist 323, Fukuzawa reading a bit, fried rice upstairs thanks to reeves after we gave up plans of getting pie at the Diner.
That's all the general stuff.

Specifics, Sugao no Yoshida Shoin: I was at work today and jealous that the cataloger's book had come in a day after she ordered it! Well, I checked my email and there was Shoin-sensei's book waiting for me!! I huggled it tightly all the way to class!! I doubt that anyone took it out ever and I cannot find it online for sale at I love my little book^^ I even found the "sincerity" poem I have posted on my wall!! I wanna work on translating random stuff from it for fun and practice - I mean, it's SHOINSENSEI! He's my hero, afterall!! But I don't know the Tokugawa Chinese-Japanese script - to which the cataloger replied: Well you'd better learn :3 XD I nearly died of joy! My "burden" is back!!!

Confused by that?
Ok, warning here I go on a long description! :D But dont worry it isnt a bad rant^^
When I researched the life of Mr Frederick Fleet of the Titanic incident, I took his history on as a burden which I myself has to carry - aka - it was my duty alone to truthfully research him and present his account in a book which I was writing. I loved it and I was ecstatic about researching! And I feel the same way about Yoshida Shoin, since so little writing about him in English exists! So researching him is my new task/duty/burden and it gives me my sense of identity back (that which I had lost when I failed my Titanic research)!!! Although in this case I am not doing it out of guilt/sorrow like I did my Titanic research - I am doing it cause I love this guy! :p If he were alive I'd wanna marry him (even tho he wasn't allowed^^ I'd find some way around that ^_~) ^____^ I am happy! I wanna research - in this case, translate, also! - all day!! I am ecstatic! lol *huggles book* Sugoiiiiiiiii hito! XD

Research shouldn't be this fun ^_^ *chases after Shoin-sensei*

I can't wait to go to Hagi, Japan!!!! the birthplace and school of Shoin-sensei!!!! XD Waaai!

And if you missed my Yoshida Shoin entry the first time, just skip back about a week ago cause I posted a page from his original writings and a chibi drawing too^.^

Now I am off to study more for my Asian art. So far we have had 2 graded quizes. One quiz was: List quotes found on the Dome of the Rock. The other was: List primary sources' titles, authors, descriptions used by the author of the article we read for homework. For both my answer was: O.o? lol So now I am determined to memorize everything in the articles for the quiz!! Even though I did that for the last one on Indian Buddhist art and we didnt have time for the quiz anyway x.x Blarg! lol Oh how I love art history....
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