Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

My Constructed Script

I found a constructed script in a childhood journal a few months ago. I remembered designing it, but I didn't have a key to go along with it. I believe it's based on an English alphabet with a letter added for "dh" between "d" and "e". That's just a guess, though. I was really into Irish heritage, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Medieval history at the time :)

I developed this script for a fictional country called Farpass. A group of classmates and myself designed Farpass for a project for our 7th grade History and Geography class. We had to design a country using real reference books to inform its landscape, population, economy, demographics, etc. We named our country Farpass because it was in the shape of the letter "F". It was surrounded by water on all sides except a land bridge to the far north-west. There was a ridge of islands on the north-east called the Rainbow Islands. The country was mostly agricultural and young compared to other nations in that world.

Tags: conscripts, history, language, schoolwork

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