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Raccoon and his Relatives


Been learning about raccoons and their relations this week :) Raccoon belongs to the Family Procyonidae. These are small omnivorous mammals that live in the Americas. They all seem to be shy, but curious in nature. Here are some that I've read about

Raccoon - lives in North America, nocturnal, good climber and swimmer, tends to be solitary, he's known for his mask and ringed tail, raccoons also wash their hands and/or their food before eating, they have a very sensitive sense of touch. Mom saw one in Florida in my Aunt's backyard! It makes me sad that they're susceptible to rabies and that we have to be careful when we see them, though. The little raccoons in this video are adorable.

Coati - lives in a variety of climates in Central and South American, more social than raccoons, females and children travel in groups, has a long nose that he uses to sniff out bugs to eat as he forages along the ground, he has a long tail, you can see these at ZooAmerica in Hershey, PA :) They were sleeping in January when I tried to take their photo. Their fur and ears reminded me of an otter's.

Raccoon and Coati side by side

Kinkajou, Olingo, and Olinguito - unlike the Racoon and Coati, these animals live almost exclusively in the tree tops in rainforests or cloud forests, they prefer to eat fruit or nectar, kinkajou have prehensile tails but olingo and olinguito do not, all of them have large eyes to see in the dark at night while jumping about the trees

Cacomistle - lives in the forests of Central America and like the relatives just mentioned, it lives in the trees

Ringtail - lives in the drier habitats of North and Central America, he is also nocturnal and a good climber, shy, eats more meat than some of the others, his tail looks like a ring-tail lemur and he has big ears

Raccoon has an interesting family :)

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