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Every little bit counts I s'pose.
At least, that's the way I have been viewing my homework. Trying to work steadily on all the stuff I have but it goes so slow x.x My head feels like it is a human-date book - I have a ton of minute reminders, assignments, errands on the brain and they keep spinning about to make sure I haven't forgotten that they are there. In a way that's good, but it's really annoying! :p

And you'll note that I have yet another new lj layout - Hollom is back as I am impatiently awaiting the release of the master and Commander film in a week! ^___^

Oh there was a pretty rain outside today..unfortunately that's sorta annoying when I have to carry by backpack by hand and a load of textbooks in the other hand with the umbrella somewhere juggled between ^.^ Hopefully it will warm up a bit, though. Well, not too warm or else I'll get an infestation of large insects again >.<

...The coconut filled-chocolate egg is tempting me...but I only have one left and I wanna save it... :p

Can classes be over yet? These papers are starting to worry me...Why did I pick Kume Kunitake to write about? He's too straightforward - teehee^^ I shoulda gone with Yoshida-sensei! That's quality research there! *looks over at japanese book with Yoshida Shoin's writings* ahhh^_^
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