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Top Ten Anime Guys ^_^

1. Hiwatari Satoshi - D N Angel - He's so smart, pretty, and has white wings!! He is amazing XD
2.Sumeragi Subaru - X - Forever dear to me^^
3. Treize Kushrenada - Gundam Wing - He always has some interesting speech to give!
4. Sumeragi Subaru - Tokyo Babylon - So kawaii and naive!!
5. Tsukisiro Yuki - Card Captor Sakura - Love the glasses^^ and the hair^^
6. Kimihiro Watanuki - XXXHolic - Again, a guy with glasses; but a bit more on the dark side :3
7. Shirou Kamui - X - The angsty hero!
8. Asou Shirou - Suki Dakara Suki - Mysterious but good-hearted sensei!
9. Athrun Zala - Gundam Seed - Typical bishounen^^
10. Heero Yuy - Gundam Wing - My first anime crush :p
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