Megan (jehoshabeath) wrote,

Communication and Miscommunication

Songs that come to mind thinking about our miscommunications and Genesis 2-3.

Imogen Heap

"this is just so unlike us
cut back to horizontalisms
if we could win just one small touch
contact versus telemiscommunications"

Hearts and Flowers

"hearts and flowers / a picture of / what a love should be
but when it comes / it's deeper than / the darkest sea
sometimes / i'm so alone / even in your arms
like each of us / keeps a little wall / inside our hearts"


"it’s 2 in the morning
i’m calling your name
your voice on the line is
so far away

my heart reaches out there
and finds you gone
you walk a path lonely
but you’re never alone

i'm begging you
let me in"

The Moment I Said It
Imogen Heap

"the moment i said it
the moment i opened my mouth
the lead in your eyelids
bulldozed the life out of me"

The Beast
Imogen Heap

"gently as we go…"

Be Still With Me
Imogen Heap

"be still with me"
Tags: communication, genesis, love, music, sin

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