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Oh awake at 2 am

That black tea really pepped me up!

My papers are, well, I am calling them done ^.^ I am sick of them, honestly. I am sick of papers from the start! ^^

I have two quizes tomorrow, my room is a mess with books strewn everywhere from their stacks, and I really don't care lol - I am doing what little I can to keep up and beyond that I am just looking for some time to breathe and forget everything I learned :D

There are the tasks: papers, finals, presentations....
There are the hopes: M&C DVD, Shoin DVD search, new icons :3

I feel like sighing a deep sigh of relief now that two papers are "done"...but I need to run a crazy race of the next batch of papers/presentations starting soon. No wonder it is called 'the last dash' cause I feel like I am winded and only have begun
On the flip side, is it really the end of asemester?! No way! Waht do you mean it is nearing summer?! Holy... I can't believe it is almost May and that my Semester will be over. The next time I return to this college I will be a seenior!!! Ewwww!! I don't like the sounds of this at all!! Oh my word make time slow down! (only after the semester's finals are over with ^^ lol)
I feel like life is slipping through my fingers and I did not even feel it go!
When one is viewing life one day at a time it helps to pass the time kindly but it also is a total shock when you look up and soak in the bigger picture! Wow. O.o *in shock*

BTW - I still luv my icon! XD *glomps*

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