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APRIL 20TH 2004

Master and Commander has been released!
And I don't have it... O.o

Blarg I am starting to get impatient for it too ^.^ teehee
I will have to wait as long as and home take to get it to me...

Let's see...what I am I looking forward to?

-Now that I know some and can differentiate between the officers/petty officers, I really wanna observe Hollom's character development ^.^
-Paying close attention to the music in the film this time around now that I have ingrained the soundtrack in my brain
-The Beetle!! I know I am gonna get teary eyed again...'such an insignificant thing such as this...beetle..'
-The line:"She's not old; she's in her prime" ^__^ waaaiiiii! sugoi!
-Hollom singing XD sugoi sugoi!!

-Hollom playing music!! *swoons*

I wonder how long before I actually will get to see, I am getting depressed...I wanna escape this world of finals and papers for the time of the Napoleonic Wars!....hmmm...why must I be stuck in central PA without a car?!

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