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Waiiiiiii [out of unspeakable joyness]!!!!!!!

Today is my LOTR DAY I telleth thee! I got the last of my birthhhhhhday presssents from Mom and Dad: I am getting a drawing board, huge sketch book with colored pencils, and the Extended DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring!! I watched it today - that took up my afternoon. I also *reluctantly* sent an email to the Sailor Moon Shoppe about my ufo! (I was worried they would be annoyed with me, but they are so nice!! ^_^) I just heard back!!! They got my money order and will get started asap and ship him to me in circa a month! Here, see:

Hi Megan san!
Thanks so much! We just received your letter yesterday!! We'll start working
on him now and we'll be sending him out to you in about a month. Thanks again!!
God bless!

Yeah!!!! I am so happy!! I saw Frodo and will be getting a little Frodo so soon!! What more could I ask for?!
Tags: fandom, holiday, interests, movies, squish, stuffed animals

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