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The value of things

I tend to be possessive/protective of my things. They are important to me.

Littlest Pet Shops, stuffed animals, books, pens, hats, stones, cards, clay figurines, oils, tea supplies, animal figurines, artifact jewelry (Fate of Atlantis, Star Wars, etc), Alaska necklace, seal fur headband, feathers, trinkets, Sniper Wolf, R2-D2, tea mugs, hoodies, slippers, rings, ephemera, tickets, package seals, glass, beads, pins, badges, art supplies, legos, manga sets, video game guides, solar glasses ...

It really irks me when writers or directors tell a story where "things" exist only to serve as a reflection of their love for another person or some other meaning. It's as if the object itself has no value. What? Are these items merely symbols with no essence of their own? They can serve as symbols sometimes, but I believe that they have a qualitative essence of their own. I treasure them for that in addition to the nostalgia associated with them. But I don't have to "change" them, assign messages, or over-impress myself upon the items in order for them to be valuable. They are beautiful in and of themselves. This is their intrinsic value.

Can't we allow them to be what they are?

Tags: artifacts, love, stuff, value

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