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Survey of stuff!

Survey behind the cut :D From Tenku_chan ^_^ I quoted a few of hers as we had some in common...^^

Layer. one
Name: Megan
Birthdate: Januray 28, 1984
Birthplace: West Milton, PA
Current location: Gettysburg, PA
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown
Height: 5'4" ft
Righty or Lefty: "righty, but I wear my watch on my right hand, which leads people to believe I'm left handed" (Megan: Wow I do the same thing!)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Your heritage: Father's side: English, of the line of King Edward III, and Ireland through the owners of Blarney castle; Mother's side: German
Your weakness: naivety
Your shoes you wore today: sneakers
Your fears: spiders
Your perfect pizza: all the pizza meats, extra cheese, onions, peppers
Goal you'd like to achieve: Make some kind of artwork one day - either a book, manga, or drawing

Your thoughts first waking up: ok, ok! I am awake!...I think....just 3 more minutes..
Your best physical feature: My hair after its been cut and fluffed up^^
Your bedtime: usually around 2 am
Your most missed memory: ferry off Ellis Island

Pepsi or Coke: whichever they have
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's (and a broccoli and cheese soup too please!)
Single or group dates: Um never went on a group date and only went on a single date once.....
Adidas or Nike: Nike is the name of a goddess so I will say that^^
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: both!
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: I dont really drink chocolate anybody?

Smoke: no, though the scent brings back memories of Croatian cafes^^
Cuss: uhh I might have 6 times in my lifetime?
Sing: yep^^ while walking to class or doing homework
Take showers daily: yeah for the most part
Have a crush: not right now though I always have my random manga/book obsessions^^
Think you've been in love: not with anyone real^^
Want to go college: "I'm already here..."
Want to get married: nope
Believe in yourself: "not really" me too....
Get motion sickness: not at all - traveling, rocking, etc are lulling ^_^
Think you're attractive: not really
Think you're a health freak: nah that's annoying
Get along with your parents: definately
Like thunderstorms: yeah as long as I am not alone...
Play an instrument: not anymore

Layer.six - in the past month
Gone to the mall: nope
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: nope
Eaten sushi: actually yes!
Been on stage: nope
Gone skating: nope
Made homemade cookies: nope
Gone skinny dipping: never
Dyed your hair: never
Stolen anything: nope - ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no - that kinda thing ticks me off so much! >____<
Been called a tease: nope - I am teh uber Hina-chan
Got beaten up: no thankfully - lol ouch

Age you hope to be married: I don't wanna
Number and name of children: If I had to, then I'd say two: Aiden, Alexander, Eleanor, Fern
Dream wedding: Shinto style!
How do you want to die: uhh some epic manga battle scene! XD or not^^
Where do you want to attend college: Kansai Gaidai :3
Dream job: translating Japanese books
Country you want to visit: Japan! XD

Layer.nine - In a guy/girl...
Best eye color: grey/dark
Best hair color: copper/black
Short or long hair: short^^
Height: 5'6'
Best weight: average for that height, more on the skinny side is good tho I s'pose
Best clothing: "glasses on boys are hot" ohhh yeah^_^ and I will add: KIMONO or HAKAMA! lol XD *swoons*
Best first date location: a walk somewhere
Best first kiss location: "kissing is gross" gotta agree with you there!

Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I could trust with my life: "3" sounds about right
Number of CDs that I own: 25 or so?
Number of piercings: none now
Number of tattoos: none
Number of times my name's been in the news: in the local news? :3 maybe 3 times for random school stuff^^
Number of scars on my body: one big one! on my leg from some sorta razor blade type jobby we think
Number of things in my past that I regret.: hmmm a few, mainly from Croatia
Tags: meme

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