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Tea Ceremonies of the Takeshi family

I am thinking more about the manga in my head and think I may focus in on tea as the central theme. I also am doing other traditional Japanese ceremonies, but I think tea will be the main one encompasing the rest. So here are some schematic ideas for some of the ceremonies in the story. They aren't final, but some ideas ^_^
I think I may also change the name to "Tokonoma no hana" or "The Tokonoma Corner's Flower" but I am not sure yet.

Takegeshi Yukio:
20th year:
Flower: White bud
Scroll: Beauty in a silent breeze.
21st year: Meets Keiko
Flower: Plum blossom
Scroll: Refreshing draugh for the soul.
23d year: Loses sight
Flower: no flower - instead, a bowl of water
Scroll: In the loss of all we see all.
27th year: Two other children born to him by Keiko
Flower: Iris
Scroll: Rebirth.
31st year: Seppuku
Flower: Petals of blossoms
Scroll: The resolution of the end and beginning through the melting of snows.

Takeshi Akitsugu (first son):
12th year: Memorium to father
Flower: Red camellia
Scroll: Resolution of life
14th year: Studying on his own the ways of tea as a young monk's aid
Flower: Twig of oak with new budded leaf and old crusted fall leaf
Scroll: I am the student only to my master.
20th year: Sacrifices self for family
Flower: A closed blossom bud
Scroll: Seek life in death.

Takeshi Masato (second son):
17th year: First ceremony; in memory of childhood
Flower: Small wildflower
Scroll: Scents of summer linger in the mind, though lost in time.
20th year:In Memorium to father and half-brother
Flower: Lily
Scroll: The resolution of winter lies in the warmth of the heart.
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