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Takeshi Manga Plot: further definition

Well, I am working on the final bits of general plot shifting in my head. This is the plan:


The story begins at a funeral. The funeral for Yukio's first wife, who was chosen for him without his consent. She bore him one son before her death. Yukio feels at a loss because though he is sad over the death, he did not even really know this person at all. She was a stranger. He turns from the pyre and decides to not let such a thing as disgraceful as this happen again.

Yukio is the head of a rather known family, and greatly involved with the Tea Ceremony, as the cover of book one shows ^_^ Over time, he and Keiko grow close, but Yukio's questioning nature winds him up in trouble with the politics of the times and he loses his house and his sight.

He begins teaching at a Confucian-type school but his past haunts him. He and Keiko are married and have a son and daughter, but they are both killed not long afterwards.

The two children of YxK as well as Yukio's first son are raised by a family in connection with the nearby temple where Yukio taught. The eldest son struggles with his identity and ends up sacrificing himself to reclaim his family's name. The other two children must then figure out how to live with all of this done.


Each book will have a different color scheme, semi-precious-stone, and festival/traditional art (as I mentioned before a few times to lj^^) Here is the final listing of those-

Emerald -- Tea Ceremony theme (START)
Topaz -- Lanterns Kanto Matsuri (DARKNESS IS FALLING)
Garnet -- Wedding (VOW)
Opal -- Noh Theatre (SUFFERING)
Sapphire -- Birds (FREEDOM)
Tourmoline -- Sakura Matsuri (CONFUSION)
Amber -- Heian/Samurai (BATTLE)
Onyx -- Star Festival (WISH)
Crystal -- Rock Garden (ETERNITY)
Peridot -- Moss & Dew garden (LACK)
Carnelian -- Koi Pond (MOTION)
Pearl -- Fall Moon viewing (SEEKING/PURITY)
Rose Quartz -- Sakura Fan Dance (BEAUTY)
Amethyst -- Dolls Festival (INNOCENCE)
Aquamarine Beryl -- Street Festival (LIFE)
Jade -- Oban (MEMORY)

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