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M&C and chaos^^

I finally got a copy of M&C :D yay! I am all happy to see Hollom again...ok, I am ecstatic lol! The only problem is - I can't get screencaps with any of my programs! O.o I did the video acceleration trick and checked my PowerDVD program but neither of those worked and I am depressed lol

Also, I have had 2 presentations this week (Chado and Kume-san), I have 2 papers due and one more presentation yet to go! I feel like I am desperately trying to survive through the next 3 weeks - and it is already wearing on me a lot! Blarg! I wish school wasn't so stressful and I am regretting taking 5 classes with two of them on the 300-level O.o Adding to my stress level, my parents were in a car accident and nearly flipped their car - man, I don't need that kinda spaz-ness this week O.o I am so glad they are ok and a bit perturbed at the fact that it happened >.< Then there are always finals to freak out about...waaa it never ends until the semester has gone!

I feel all paniced and it is giving me energy to be creative but unfortunately I can't get screencaps!! ;_; Why, of evil DVD programs? Why won't you let me cap stuff?

*headache sets in*
*then procrastination*
*spends yet another 3 hours looking for aid in getting screencaps*

Will my tea ceremony paper ever get written? ^.^ heehee

Ok, I feel a little better now that I vented that...

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