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Happy Hollom Icon ^.^

Farewell and adieu to Ladies of Spain!
for we've received orders to sail back to Old England
we hope in a short time to see you again!

Wheeee sing Hollom, sing! XD ^_^ It is good to see him happy for once, even if it is only for a minute!

I don't have anything else to say but:

-my Med. Tea paper is kinda done ^_^
-my headache is now a stomach ache >_<
-I am so tired and want to sleep ~_~
-still can't make screenshots work ;_;

that's it for now - I am gonna go to bed and dream about Hollom playing music on his mandolin and singing songs to himself^^ Awwws why must the crew not like with such a passion? Just cause he's indecisive? ;_;
But I still love the idea of a female Iphegenia:

the sacrifice of human life merely for the fair winds to sail to war...

That's so ...sad!!! ;_; But it reminds me of an ancient Greek tragedy and that makes it amazingly good^_^ XD waaiii!

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