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*collapses for the weekend*

Wheeeee Japan House!
Now that I made it back to my room, I doubt I will leave it for the whole weekend - or so I seem to do most weekend^^ teehee

Wow I am so exhausted!
*drops to floor* I can't even hold my hands above the keys to type...

*gets some strength* Ok, thats better.

Now, let's see what all I did this week:
3 presentations, 2 papers, Japan Club stuffs, got Master and Commander, etcetc

This coming week I have:
the end of both my art well as cramming desperately for Medieval Art *cringe* Lots of busywork too. I am not gonna have a lax weekend. But at least all my 15 page papers are done x.x

I hope to watch some Master and Commander again tonight because I haven't actually sat down and watched the whole movie yet O.o lol Ohhhh it's sooooo goood!!! I just wish I could get screenshots! >.< why?!! I aam an icon-maker - I NEED caps! ;_;

Anyway, I'll get over it by just wearing out my M&C DVD \*^-^*/ *smilie blushes and cheers*

Now, off to either napping or staring blankly at the computer through the Tranequility 25 remix by DJ Doboy XD One of my favorites ever^_^

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