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It is a few hours later and I am back where I began:
In my room listening to DJ Doboy as the ppl upstairs play loud video games.

I am really avoiding work right now. I need to fix some realllly dumb mistakes in my Japanese email, write some essays, cram for finals, and all that icky stuff because:
This Coming Week is The Last Week of My Spohmore Year Classes! O.o
The thought of that freaks me out. A lot. It makes me feel terrible just thinking about it!

Mmmm I could really go for some cheesecake right about now...too bad I don't have any^^ teehee Maybe I will have some of those hardboiled eggs my mom made up for me :P

Addition 11:56-
I have two new icons up^_^ One of Hollom, the base of which I got from the M&C Icon Community (yay thank you^^ - I luv Hollom soooo much^^ I need more pics XD) and the other is a re-done version of my old sakura icon ^___^ Yay! Kawai!!! I feel satisfied now ^_________^
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