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We've been ill here :( But I think our family is recovering, praise the Lord.

I've been fighting a lot of fatigue and sinus congestion the past week. I missed work on Monday and Tuesday, but have been working from home the rest of the week. I don't seem to have any energy at all by the time work is over, but each day I seem to be getting a little stronger. I'm thankful.

I've been getting lots of rest, drinking lots of water, and am taking a regimen of de-congestant, alka-seltzer, vitamin C, and some herbal remedies. I've been diffusing eucalyptus for respiratory support (due to 1-8 cineole), along with rosemary and tea tree, which are powerful anti-viral and immunostimulants. I also open the window and let in fresh air and sunshine when I can. I've been sitting out in the sunlight, too, to soak in the rays.

My biggest discomfort currently is sinus congestion and runny nose. Still taking water, hot soup, hot tea, etc. This afternoon I'm going to try diffusing a limonene-rich oil, as these help to dry up the drippiness. Perhaps I'll diffuse Clove (strong anti-viral) and Green Mandarin, which is very high in Limonene also indicated as anti-viral due to the content of y-terpinene. First, though, vegetable soup, courtesy of a friend :)

I made a chart of anti-viral essential oils for my own reference and to help me study. My next chapter in the textbook is the chapter about the Immune System, so we're learning how the immune system works, auto-immune diseases, and the ways that essential oils interact with our immune system and with pathogens. Of course, when it comes to infection, it's most important to seek the direction and guidance of one's doctor. My family has been doing this. If there are ways that we can also steward our health, then we're doing our best to do this, too :)

We'll continue to take life a day at a time, as our Lord encouraged us to do (Matthew 6:33-34)!
Tags: aromatherapy, daily, health, sinus congestion, vitamins

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