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Balance and Scale


pelec - scales (n) - Provers 16:11, Isaiah 40:12

palac - to balance, ponder, weigh, make flat (v) - 6 verses, including Proverbs 4:26, 5:21


mo'zen - balance (n) - 15 verses, including Leviticus 19:36, Provers 16:11, Isaiah 40:12

'azan - to weigh, prove, consider (v) - Ecclesiastes 12:9

'azan - to give ear, heed, hearken (v) - 41 verses, especially in the Prophets and the Writings


token - measure (n) - Exodus 5:18, Ezekiel 45:11

takan - measure, balance, test, prove (v) - 13 verses, often of God's actions


shaqal - to weigh a price, pay (v) - 21 verses, especially the Prophets and History

mishqal - weight (n) - 42 verses, especially the Law and History

Tags: bible study, hebrew, scales

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