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I've been researching oils that include a significant percentage of the chemical constituent sabinene. Juniper Berry is one, and this is one of my favorite oils. Some of my other favorite oils also include it - Black Pepper, Black Spruce, Helichrysum, Neroli, Thyme, Lime, and Manuka. Here is a list of the essential oils which contain the largest proportion of this constituent. I'm eager to explore these, because I'm not very familiar with most them, especially the laurel family oils. My instructor shared some research citations about sabinene, so I have a starting point for my exploration :)

Essential Oil (Botanical Family)

-Juniper Berry (Cupressaceae)
-Hinoki / Japanese Cypress (Cupressaceae)

-Bay Laurel (Lauraceae) - there's a lot of history regarding laurel leaf symbolism
-Ravensara (Lauraceae)
-Ravintsara (Lauraceae)

-Blue Tansy (Asteraceae)
-Yarrow (Asteraceae)

-Nutmeg (Myristicaceae)
-Plai (Zingiberaceae)
-Saro (Canellaceae)

I'm not sure where the name sabinene comes from, but there was a well-known naturalist named Joseph Sabine. The surname Sabine seems to come from the name of an ancient Italian tribe Sabine. There's a myth about the abduction of the Sabine women.
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