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4:30 am and I am still not sleepy?

I know that I can stay up for sleep over parties or movie nights here at the Japan House, but to be awake at 4:30 am after doing homework?! Wow! lol - This is the closest thing to an all nighter that I have ever done! :D

I decided that I must work really hard to get myself a Yoshida Shoin movie...cause Hogan-sensei hasn't responded to me in forever about that...I wish it was an all region DVD though - the one I am looking at...cause I don't think I will be able to watch a Japan regioned disc <:( So the search is on ^_^ and I keep telling myself that when I get time I will study kanji more, but I haven't had "time" in a few weeks O.o I hate the last month of the college semester^^ lol Too many papers and finals. Two more weeks and I will be free!! Well, I am gonna get back to looking for that Yoshida Shoin DVD...remind me never to watch old samurai movies cause all they make me wanna do is see MORE SAMURAI MOVIES! lol
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