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We lift up our hearts to the Lord

morning contemplations 10/29/2020

We bear our hearts before the Lord and to the Lord. We're learning how to do that.

Our hearts are so weary, so wounded, so curious, full of hopes, full of disappointments, joyful, sorrowful, wondering, frustrated, burdened by all of these things... I know for my part that I all too freely offer up my heart to others, in desperation pleading of them, "heal me." Please take the time and the trouble to receive my heart and bear it up before you. I just want another soul to see me. But what my soul is really longing for is the healing Light of God. Our hearts long to soak in the sunshine of God's face.

How can others do this for us? How can we do it for ourselves? It is only God who can take our souls to Himself. Only the Holy Spirit can lift our prayers and our heart's movements toward God. Only Christ Jesus came down from heaven, to embrace us in His love and bear us little sheep close to His heart, in the eternal presence of His loving Father.

For our part, we wait here, longing for Him and looking to Him. How can we bear up our heart in the presence of the Lord? In our natural sinful state, this isn't possible - for in spiritual terms, in our old nature, we're dead. This is precisely why Christ came, died, was raised, ascended into heaven, and with the Father has sent the Holy Spirit. He is the new creation in us (2 Corinthians 5:17). "Abide in Me, and I in you." John 15:4

It's our Father's love which heals us and restores our life unto eternity. In His heart is life. In His heart, is the Lord Jesus, His beloved Son. And we, too, are hidden there - hidden in Christ (Colossians 3:3). Precious adopted children, born upon our High Priest's heart to God, His Father and now our Father, too (John 20:17).

Let's come before Him in prayer, humble and trusting. Let's offer our hearts to Him and ask Him to receive us. May His good Holy Spirit intercede for us, comfort us, heal us, and grant us peace. Let's confess our weakness and our fears, our sins and our heart's desires. Let's look to Him, our Strength and our Life. In the joy of our Lord is our strength.

Lord, bless us with Your Spirit. Fill us with Your presence. Receive our hearts and incline them toward Yourself. Cleanse us, renew us, and through Your Holy Spirit, testify with our hearts that You are our Father and we are Your children. Bear our hearts when they are falling and hold them tenderly when they are hurting. Heal us, Lord, with Your love.
Tags: adoration, colossians, contemplation, cor ad cor loquitur, devotion, empathetic, hebrews, i kings, ii corinthians, john, prayer, priesthood, revelation, romans

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